Jenny Cross


“Excellent, gorgeous and sensational. That’s really all I need to say but I will say more…Its been amazing watching Dave’s journey in photography over the last couple of years. His eye for the photo is exceptional, and his skills with the camera are getting better and better..

My family and I loved the photoshoot he did with us. Such a calm, friendly and lovely person – he instantly had everyone feeling comfortable, and got the most natural and happy expressions to capture as a result. If I was ever to get married again, I would definitely be booking Dave as the photographer. As for his landscape and scenic shots? I have 5 prints/canvases so far.. I think that says it all.”

Daniel Daniels


“My PR consultancy has used Dave a number of times for location shoots. He is extremely professional in his approach and has an excellent eye for detail and will take the time and trouble to get the perfect shot. His black and white photography (my personal favourite) is second to none. I would recommend Dave Harford Photos to all who wish for exceptional photography.” Daniel Daniels Public Relations Consultants”

Pam Lees

"I'm always stunned by Dave's photos but this one was beyond temptation. However, the reality of the print far outweights the photo. Originally this was due to go in our hallway, but its far too good for that so its hagning in our lounge where everyone can admire it. Thank you Dave."

Alexandra Phillips

Very happy with my photo canvas I purchased on Monday. It came today and looks greeeat!"